Monterey Farms is happy to be working with Raleys, offering a fully cooked, ready to eat Heirloom artichoke throughout springtime. They are cut in half, steamed and seasoned, and can be found in the deli case at your local Raleys. Try them chilled and filled with a balsamic vinaigrette, then dip the leaves as you eat toward the heart, or warm them and fill with a garlic herb butter.

The Heirloom artichoke is the “original” artichoke brought to California in the early 1900’s by Italian immigrants. Referred to as the classic Green Globe variety, they are the best eating artichoke. They take longer to grow, producing a thicker center heart and meatier petals with an intense flavor. After growing through the winter, spring is the peak season for these Heirloom artichokes.