The heirloom artichokes are back with the spring growing season. Monterey Farms is proud to source all of its artichokes from Monterey County and this time of year the majority of our artichokes are grown from rootstock dating back to 1924.

The heirloom artichoke variety is a perennial plant that grows from original rootstock. The formal classification of an heirloom fresh fruit or vegetable is any distinct variety that grows and has been in trade for more than 50 years using the same lineage. March marks the beginning of peak heirloom artichoke season.

The heirloom variety, or Globe artichoke, has a long growing season which produces a large and meaty heart. The leaves have abundant meat and a sweetness to the taste. At Monterey Farms we are proud to use heirloom Globe Artichokes for our ArtiHearts.

Celebrate the coming of spring with California’s official vegetable, artichokes, prepared for you by Monterey Farms. ArtiHearts, the easiest and most delicious way to eat artichokes!