fresh artichoke hearts

All Natural,
Fresh Refridgerated,
Artichoke Hearts

Monterey Farms’ ArtiHearts™ – Fresh Artichoke Hearts

Our all-natural, proprietary hands-on process guarantees quality and consistently delicious treat. First, we hand-select and hand-trim the artichoke down to only the artichoke heart.  Then they are perfectly steamed until tender, yet crunchy, then lightly tossed with our simple and light flavorings.  Monterey Farms captures the unique subtle flavor of the artichoke and preserves its natural health benefits.  You save time in preparation and have no waste of the artichoke.  Monterey Farms ArtiHearts™ have a three-month refrigerated shelf life.  Fresh artichoke hearts are delicious and easy to use!

 ArtiHearts™ gives you a unique, healthy, and fresh artichoke heart, ready to use.

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