Monterey Farms offers flavorful, fresh tasting artichoke hearts, harvested from the local fields on the Central coast of California. Our hands-on process trims the artichokes down to their heart then packages them without excess oils or brine. Our “ArtiHearts” are all natural and convenient to use; guaranteed to turn your next meal into a culinary delight!

Monterey Farms is a small locally owned and operated manufacturer of specialty artichoke products.

Jane ShafferJust minutes away from this nation’s finest artichoke fields, located on the central coast of California, Monterey Farms’ goal is to provide both the professional and home chef, alike, with a fresh tasting, ready to eat artichoke heart that is convenient to use and consistent in quality and flavor.

Our proprietary process promotes the numerous health benefits and true value of this unique vegetable. Using ONLY the heart of the artichoke, Monterey Farms “ArtiHearts” are made with all-natural ingredients. Their taste, texture and quality is that of a cooked artichoke fresh from the field.

We are proud to serve our quality products to many of the finest local Monterey Peninsula resorts and restaurants, as well as high end Retail markets throughout this nation, who recognize and appreciate Monterey Farms value-added artichoke products, and know their customers will as well.

At Monterey Farms we continually take the necessary steps to maintain the highest quality Food Safety standards as possible. We implement Good Manufacturing Practices and comply with a strict Food Safety program, guaranteeing that only the finest, most wholesome products reach the customer.

From my heart to yours - Jane

Natural ArtiHearts

Natural ArtiHearts

Lightly steamed and seasoned with lemon, garlic and sea salt, our Natural ArtiHearts capture the true essence of a freshly cooked artichoke from the field. Natural artichoke hearts are packed without oils or brine for a fresh taste, while still preserving their many health benefits.

Herbal ArtiHearts™

Herbal ArtiHearts

Tossed lightly with Extra Virgin Olive oil, sundried tomatoes, Italian herbs and garlic, our Herbal ArtiHearts have a robust Mediterranean flavor that adds a tangy zip and splash of color to your entrée  or a perfect addition to your salad.

Grilled ArtiHearts

Tossed with olive oil then grilled to perfection for a wonderful savory and smokey flavor. A tender meaty texture, our grilled artichoke hearts are a perfect addition to any meal, turning it into a culinary delight.

Grilled ArtiHearts™

Buffalo ArtiHearts

Tossed in a traditional spicy Buffalo style sauce, then grilled for a rich, smokey full body flavor, our Buffalo ArtiHearts are a deliciously healthy snack. Served warm out of the pouch or lightly breaded and pan-fried, they make a great appetizer guaranteed to be the hit of the party

Buffallo ArtiHearts™
SCS Certified
Gluten Free